ORIC Vision

 Making University of the Punjab, a Powerhouse of High Growth Innovation


“Transforming Punjab University that drive high impact innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship”


ORIC has two folded objectives;

 One is to promote innovation based research in University of the Punjab.

 Secondly, ORIC provide support and facilitate faculty members and researchers to commercialized their discoveries (whether a technology or skill) emerged during innovation based research process. That in turn improve industry competitiveness using research based technologies and research. Resultantly, the process becomes the driving force behind research and economic development for Pakistan.

ORIC History

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), University of the Punjab Established in 2010. Since, its establishment ORIC achieved several milestones. Since its establishment, ORIC organized Invention to Innovation Summit. Innovation Summit includes exhibition of innovative technologies, technical sessions, workshops and interaction of scientists and business executives for two days.  All the universities of Punjab, business chambers, industry associations and industrial estate participate in the summit. Till to date, ORIC successfully organized 8th Summit. The 9th Summit, 2020 is going to held on 1st-2nd April.

Moreover, Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced number of research projects each year. Such as NRPU, Thematic Research Grant, TDF, Startup Research Grant, and many others. The honorable faculty of Punjab University won several HEC initiated research projects.

Currently, the honorable faculty of Punjab University Won 70 plus Projects in NRPU 2016-17 and 2017-18 calls respectively; 7 projects of Technology Development Fund in 2nd and 3rd Call; 5 thematic and 5 startup research grants.

In the recent call of NRPU, 152 faculty members of Punjab University apply. 63 faculty members apply in the Grand Challenge Fund. 10 faculty members selected for full proposal submission in Innovative & Collaborative Research Grant (ICRG). Other than the those HEC initiated research projects, University faculty take part and apply in international research grants as well.